Our Time

This is our time.

This thought suddenly came up in my head today, this evening when I was listening to random music found in my “For You” section in the iTunes library.

I haven’t wrote for a while because of work and school. I would include those stories later, probably.

But today, I just wanna share my little thought about our world today. Or actually, our connections with each other. I was thinking: the time that we are in right now belong to us only.  – It’s hard to understand, and please keep on reading.

Why we are born in this time? No reason, we are just randomly born in this time, just like how I am randomly listening to random music at this moment. We are only connecting with people that are born together with us, and this is why we should treasure more of our connection. For our generation, our time only belongs to us. We are all born at the same time period, we are all going to die together at the same period, we are all not going to make it through to the next 1000 years. We are belong to this time, together with each other.

This thought just popped up in my head today, and I found it to be fascinating. It is confusing to understand, and it is also confusing for me explain it. But this is what I feel, and let us treat each other as a treasure that only belongs to our time.


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