What It’s Like to Pack And Return

Winter break is coming, and most of us are going back to our home countries. I always love this time, the time when I can return to my home and have fun with my family and friends. However, things might get too excited that sometimes I forget about a lot of stuff. Here is a list of what I always forget.

1. Schoolwork

When I am feeling excited about going back home, I always leave my schoolwork behind. I mean, why do I have to still care about school when I am going back? (Sorry, ignore it, that is a wrong attitude lol) My brain is occupied by plans about having fun with my friends during the break and so and so forth. There is no space in my brain to think about school anymore.

2. What My Family and Relatives Told Me To Buy

Every time when I return, my family and my relatives prepare a list for me about the stuff to bring back. However, I always forget to do that. Mostly because I don’t have time or I just keep pushing it to the last minute. I bet you know how this feels.

3. Passport

Though I have never forgotten about this, I never want it to happen in the future. Just a reminder for me to put it here.

These are the top three things that I always miss/ I don’t want to miss during my packing. Sometimes I like packing, but sometimes I don’t. I don’t know if you have this kind of feeling, but after I packed my stuff, it just feels so real that I am going to return home:) This is the time that I love packing my things into the luggages.


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