Beautiful Words With No Exact English Translation (2)

When you are showing your support to someone, what will you say? In English, we often say “Go! You can do it!” or “Do Your Best!”. And in Chinese, we can combine all these words into just two words…


[Pronounciation: (Cantonese) Ga Yao; (Mandarin) Jia You]

This is a really nice and energy-giving phrase to use.

For example, when you are giving your support to an athlete during a game, you can shout, “加油!” And keep repeating this phrase when the game is going on, “加油! (clap clap) 加油! (clap clap) 加油! (clap clap)”

However, in English, it will be kinda weird and tiring to keep shouting repeatedly like this, “You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!”, during a sports game. Rather, most people will shout the name instead, like this, “Koly! (clap clap) Koly! (clap clap) Koly! (clap clap)” But what if you don’t know the athlete’s name and you still want to show your support anyway?

Or when you are writing a letter to someone you wanna offer your support to, you can simply write “加油!” at the end. This is because these two words are really a magical phrase that whenever someone reads it, they will feel the energy coming out from it. That’s me:)

There are similar phrases like this one in Korean and Japanese.

Most Koreans say “Fighting!” (Hwighting! is what they pronounce.)

And Japanese uses the word “Gan Ba Dei!”

Sorry, I don’t know how to write these words in their languages. Despite of it, they are beautiful words that have the same meaning as “加油”.

Do you understand how to use this word now? I hope you like this phrase! It is always fun to learn something new:D


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