What To Do When You Feel Homesick

Have you ever missed your family when you are studying alone in the United States? When you are missing your family, have you ever felt regretted about coming to the US? Waking up in the midnight, are you feeling lonely? It is super normal to have these feelings, especially when you are thousand miles away from your family! You are missing home, the place where you belong to, and we all feel the same. Therefore, you are not alone:)

After spending more than three years in the United States, I came up with some ideas that you may wanna try when you are feeling homesick. Although they might not help a lot, I really want to let you know that you are never alone. Yes, you are alone physically, but definitely not psychologically. You are thinking about them, and the same, they are also thinking about you. I believe this feelings from both of you and your family will become a strong energy for you that will keep you going.

So… here it goes! My ideas are as the followings:

  • Talk with your fellow international friends.

They are probably having the same feelings as you! So why not talk it out with someone who totally understands you? Negative times Negative equals to Positive. Not only you will feel better, but also do your friend.

  • Just call your family directly

This is the best way to ease my homesickness, but do keep in mind with the time difference. Some people don’t think this will work because it will just make them miss their families more. However, what I am thinking is, you will still miss not matter you call them or not, so why not just call them and miss more later? Stop worrying, it’s the same. (Btw, the device that I use to call my family is Skype.)

  • Focus on your work to not think about this

If you don’t want to have this feeling, you may try to put your focus onto something you like do, or something you are required to do such as homework. When you are concentrate on other stuff, you will feel less homesick. Nevertheless, this method might not work for all of you.

It is a nice thing to have something you miss. Don’t be shy or embarrassed, there are many international students that are feeling the exact same way as you! Remember, having someone to miss is a precious feeling:)



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