Beautiful Words With No Exact English Translation (1)

There are many beautiful words in both Chinese and English. Today, I am going to share this beautiful Chinese word with you that does not have an exact translation in English:)


[Pronounciation: hang-fuk]

The google translation for this word is “happy”. However, it is not the only meaning. This Chinese word implies the combination of delightful and satisfaction, the happiest feelings that you gain through big events, or even little moments in your life.

Let me tell you some stories so you can have a better understanding of this Chinese word:

  • A soldier returns home after many years. When he arrives, his family gives him a big hug. He gets to see his parents, he gets to see his wife, and he gets to see his children. His family prepares a home-made meal for him to celebrate his return. At that moment, he tears up and says to himself, “I’m so (幸福) at this moment.”(Sentence in Chinese: 這一刻,我覺得好幸福。)
  • Returning home after work, the son feels so tired. His mom prepares a bowl of warm soup for him. He drinks it, and feels (幸福). Not only the warmth from the soup, but also the love from his mother gets him this feeling.

How is it? Do you understand this word? This is a really beautiful word to use. I hope you will like it ! 😀



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