Black People Are So Much Nicer Than You Actually Think

Many people outside of the United Stated, especially in Asia, think that black people are dangerous. They have this thought because most of those shooting news/terrorists’ acts involved the presence of an African-American. Although I am not gonna say those criminals should be forgiven, I want to tell you guys that many black people are very nice (like very, very nice). So, why not start making friends with the African-American sitting right next to you? 🙂

The first time when I really made connection with an African-American was during summer school. I was about ten or eleven years old as I remember. That was the first time to gain a class experience in the United States. I was not good at English since I am a native speaker, and I am more of an introvert. At that moment, Brittney came up and talked to me. She had dark chocolate skin, super white teeth, brown curly short hair, a pink top; that was my first impression of her. But most important to me, she was the first person to start a conversation with me. She broke the walls around me, and introduced me to her white friend, Susane (I’m not sure how to spell her name but I remember that is the pronunciation.) This is one of those clear memories from the summer school, and the following memories are blur memories that contain scenes of what we played and learnt. Unfortunately, I lost connections with her after I came back to Hong Kong, but the memories still remain.

I have never been discriminated by a black people (yes, never, they are just so kind!), but I do have been discriminated by some whites. (Sorry if you feel offended but I am not saying all whites discriminate, many white people are kind and friendly people! I am only referring to what I have experienced, only for a couple times) The above picture is me and my friend. We joined the same choir classes in high school. She was also one of those first few friends I made when I started high school in California. She is a smart, friendly, and beautiful lady. If she was not with me during the choir classes, I would have been very lonely. I remember having lunch with her when I couldn’t find a partner to eat with me; I remember the time when I didn’t want to go the class when she was absent; and I remember how much things and stories we had shared. She was one of my close friends in high school.

Black people are not that scary as you think. The only difference between us (the asians) and them is that they speak English. That is the only barrier. They are really kind and are always wiling to start a conversation with us. Don’t argue with me with those news you have read, those are exceptions and I don’t deny. What I am talking about here is the friendly side of these people, the part that you have neglected:)



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